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The closing date of the call is January 31, 2021.
You can check the important dates in the “participation modalities” tab of this web page.

Mexico City is the scene of the 3rd World Congress of Transdisciplinarity.

There are two forms of registration: as a speaker and as an assistant. 
In the case of speakers there are different rates depending on the reference country of each exhibitor. World Bank cataloguing is resumed to differentiate four country segments. Attendees have a homogeneous rate and there is a special rate for students who want to attend (without presenting a presentation). You can consult the complete information in the section Incriptions, fees, payment methods.

No. Each participant pays only one entry, regardless of the number of entries they submit, whether individual or group.

Yes. Registration is personal. Only those who pay 
the established fee receive records.

No, the assistance to the Congress is needed.

Yes, it can be requested from the and the Organizing Committee will send you a PDF, with the corresponding letter.

Soon there will be enabled a link where you will be able to do the payment in line or find the information to realize a deposit.

Yes, the congressional memoirs will be published in digital format. 
A posteriori, the requirements for the submission of the works will be sent.

Yes, publications may be submitted, but this point should be proposed to the Academic Program Committee

Depends on the dates, because the proposals go through a process 
of opinion. 

Yes, cannot be submitted more than two proposals for participation


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